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In this article i will explain few advantages and benefits of object oriented progamming (OOP).

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) offers several advantages to both the program designer and the user. The important advantages are given below :


Elimination of redundant code and use of existing classes through inheritance. Thus provides economy of expression.


Programs can be the built from standard working modules.

Technologies Used : JAVA
Submitted By Harish on 4/30/2014 12:00:00 AM in JAVA.


In object oriented programming, a complex system is decomposed in accordance to the key abstractions of the problem. Rather than decomposing the problems into steps, we identify objects, which are delivered directly from the vocabulary of the problem domain.

We view the world (problem domain) as a set of autonomous agents that collaborate to perform some higher level behavious. Each object in the solution embodies its own unique behaviour and each one models some object in the real world. The object is simply a tangible entity that exhibits some well defined behaviour. Objects do things we ask them to perform what they do by sending the messages. OOP paradigm helps us to organize the inherent complexities of sofware systems.

Technologies Used : JAVA
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In this article i will tell you how to close Form on click of the button using C#.Net.


In the Previous articles i explained how to add namespace in vb.netredirect to page according to role while login in asp.nethow to open form on click of the button using and many more about C#.Net.

Technologies Used : C#.NET
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