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A basic step for career Planning and preparation for Job freshers checklist. An interview is to give serious thought assessing yourself by taking stock of your needs, interest, as well as your strengths and weakness. The following self-assessment activities may help you to prepare a complete database about yourself, to look into your own self-portrait and plan for betterment of your Personality & Career.

Try to be honest and accurate in your responses to the under mentioned self-assessment activities. Remember that you are doing this programme for your own benefit and development. It is only a self-improvement aid.

You will be helping yourself if you get an accurate and realistic self-portrait so that you get an explicit and true picture of your credentials, strength, weaknesses, skills, likes & dislikes, limitations, goals & expectations. This may help you to put in efforts to modify and improve on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths & credentials.

This programme helps you not only for job interviews but also in the preparation of a realistic and appropriate Career Plan.

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Every one aspires to have a good job. A job where you are respected: a job where you take pride in your achievements; a job where you efforts are rewarded by a good income with sufficient prospects to use your skills and develop your knowledge and experience; In other words, a job which gives you total satisfaction.

    It is not necessarily the academic or technically meritorious candidate who gets the job. The successful person is the one who puts across his credentials in such a way that he convinces the employer that he is better than anyone else for that job.

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In this article you will get to know how to integrate Google Translator into your website,

In today's time, many website has users all around the world which are from different countries and from different cultures. They also share different types of languages. It is not mandatory that he must know your language. His language can be different from your language.

Then the question arises is that what will happen when he comes to your website. How he will be able to read your content, if your content is in another language. To overcome this problem you can embed Google Translate directly into your website! Google Translate allows you to instantly translate your website into 60+ languages. 

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In this article i will describe the following points regarding setup and deployment of visual studio application..

  • How to add prerequisites in your setup file.
  • How to set install location for prerequisites.

Today or in future you want to add prerequisites with your setup file. When we develop an application using any platform, we should prepare our application to be deployed properly.

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Ever wonder why some people’s faces are showing up in search results? How do they do that?

They do it by linking and then adding the Google Authorship markup to one of the links. This is called a “rich snippet.” According to one study on the impact of rich snippets on traffic, the number of clicks increased by 150% once the rich snippet was added. 

Google uses the rel=”author” attribute to include a picture of the content’s author. Currently, Google uses the profile image from Google+ as a source for the author image. 

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In this article i will explain :

  • What actually is a computer crime or cyber crime
  • Types of computer crime 
  • Different type of laws form cyber security to overcome cyber cases.
  • Different type of threats to computer from internet or hackers or viruses.
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To build a better language, Java was improved on C++. It has changed and improved upon the powerful and difficult C++ features. The following are the differences from C and C++ that exist in Java :

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In this article i will explain few advantages and benefits of object oriented progamming (OOP).

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) offers several advantages to both the program designer and the user. The important advantages are given below :


Elimination of redundant code and use of existing classes through inheritance. Thus provides economy of expression.


Programs can be the built from standard working modules.

Technologies Used : JAVA
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In object oriented programming, a complex system is decomposed in accordance to the key abstractions of the problem. Rather than decomposing the problems into steps, we identify objects, which are delivered directly from the vocabulary of the problem domain.

We view the world (problem domain) as a set of autonomous agents that collaborate to perform some higher level behavious. Each object in the solution embodies its own unique behaviour and each one models some object in the real world. The object is simply a tangible entity that exhibits some well defined behaviour. Objects do things we ask them to perform what they do by sending the messages. OOP paradigm helps us to organize the inherent complexities of sofware systems.

Technologies Used : JAVA
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Implementation of a Java application program involves a series of steps. They include creating the program, compiling the program, running the program.

Technologies Used : JAVA
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