setup and deployment of asp net application

I have created so many setups of C#.Net application. Now i want to know is it possible to Setup and deploy of application. If yes then how.
Posted by Prince Mahajan 5/4/2014 5:24:19 PM
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This article will explain about deploying an ASP .NET Web Application using Installers. It will help you in creating Installer files which can be used for deploying your locally built Web Application on a remote server. By using this approach you can use your web application as a Software Application. You just have to install it like any other software.

Step 1.
First of all, you have to create a Asp.Net web application of which you want to create setup. I am assuming if you are here then you already have created Asp.Net application.

Now, we can move ahead. In my case the name of my Asp.Net application is "WebSite1".

Step 2.
Open Visual Studio and follow the following steps :

In my case i am using Visual Studio 2010.

Go to File > New Project.

Step 3.
Expand "Other Project Types". Expand "Setup and Deployment" and Choose "Visual Studio Installer". Make sure the "WebSetup Project" is Selected.

You can name your application as you want. You can also set Location of your choice for the solution.
Step 4.
Now you have to add your existing website of which you want to create setup. In my case it is "WebSite1". Follow the following steps for adding application :

Go to File > Add > Existing Website > Explore Your Existing Application Folder > Click Open Button.

Follow this article for further steps. It will illustrate setup and deployment step by step with screenshots.
Posted by StepCoder Team 5/18/2014 12:32:52 PM
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