create two different id columns in a single table in sql

how to create two different id columns in the same table of sql. i am trying to create by setting identity specification property from sql server management studio.. it is working fine if i have only one id column.. but when i try to create another then the first one's "identity specification" property automatically sets to false... please help me to create both the columns...
Posted by Prince Mahajan 3/23/2014 11:01:44 PM
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Answer 1
It is not possible to create two id columns in a single talbe practically. But i will show you the trick. Just use the below query
create table pins

cust_id int not null
,pin as reg_cust_id * 789 + 7598755
,pin_id int identity(789452,198789) not null primary key
,transferee_id int null
,transferee_date datetime null

Above query create two id columns "pin" and "pin_id".
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Posted by StepCoder Team 3/25/2014 6:35:09 PM
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