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Java Technology is a Programming language, development environment, application environment, and deploymnet environment. The syntax of Java programming language is similar to C++ syntax. Java can be used to create all kinds of applications that can be created using any conventional programming language.

Java is usually mentioned in the context of World Wide Web (WWW) browsers that are capable of running programs called applets. Applets are programs written in Java that reside on WWW servers. Applets are usually small in size to minimize download and are invoked by a HTML web page.

Java applications are standalone programs that do not require a web browser to execute.

As a deployment environmnet, Java technology provides the programmer with a large suite of tools - a compiler, an interpreter, a document generator, a class file packaging tool and so on.

Goals of Java Technology

  • Provides an easy to use language by avoiding pitfalls of other languages and enables users to create clear and streamlined code.
  • Provides an interpreted environment for inproved speed of development and code portability.
  • Provides a way for programs to run more than one thread of activity.
  • Furnishes better Security.

The above goals are achieved by the following features :

  • The java virtual machine.
  • Garbage collection
  • Code Security


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