How to change my computer language to hindi



In this article i will teach you how to change your computer language to hindi or any other language. So that you will be able to type in Hindi or any other Language.


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Below are the Steps to set up Hindi Language on your computer. These steps are for Windows 7. It will be little different in case if you are using another window.

Step 1.

Click on Start > Control Panel > Change Keywords or other input methods

Step 2.

Click on "change keyboards" button under "keyboards and languages" tab.

Step 3.

After the above steps you can see window like below.

Select Keyboard and Click on Add Button.

Step 4.

Find "Hindi" Language and Expand it.

Step 5.

Select "Devanagari - INSCRIPT".

Step 6.

Click on "Apply" button followed with "OK" button.

That's It.

Step 7.

Now your computer has two languages for keyboard. i.e Hindi and English. You can choose any of them for typing.

Step 8.

You can see bottom right corner of your computer showing button like "EN".

Click on it and choose "Hindi (India)".

Step 9.

Open Notepad or Microsoft Word and type. You can see, you are now able to type in Hindi.

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