What is query string and how to use it in ASP.Net?



In this article i will describe What is Query String and how to use it?

A query string is information that is appended to the end of a pafe URL. A typical query string might look like the following example :


In this URL path, the query string starts with the question mark (?) and includes two attribute-value pairs, oe called category and other called price.

Query String provide a simple but limited way of maintaing state information. For example, they are an easy way to pass information from one page to another, such as passing a product number from one page to another page where it will be processed. However, some browsers and client devices impose a 255-character limit on the length of the URL.


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Step 1. 

Send Value From One page to another using URL like Following :


Step 2.

Now the Next step is get the value from Query String.

Suppose you want to get value from query string "price".

You can use Below Code :


Above Code give you the result "500". Because Query String "Price" has value "500".

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