How to sell products online through my website?



Selling your own products online is profitable and easy! Nowadays, you may sell anything on the Internet - books, clothes, food, services, etc. Why not sell even your own reflections or essays? If you have a know-how or expertise that no one else has, you may certainly sell that through your website. Costs for selling online are really low - you only have to maintain your website alive and put relevant content about your product on that site.

Thanks to the Internet and your website, you have access to millions of people all over the world who actively search the net for anything new and interesting. It is also a well-known fact that consumers are more prone to spend money online, from the convenience of their homes. Why not take advantage of all these favorable circumstances and start selling your own product, service, book, or anything else you wish?


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How to sell products online?

To sell products on your website, you need 5 things: domain name, web space, a shopping cart, an SSL certificate, and a merchant account with a payment gateway.

1. Domain Name

2. Web Space

3. Ecommerce Pack

2. Shopping cart

3. SSL certificate

4. Merchant account

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